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Let go Relax and enjoy

Let your soul dangle after a medicinal sulphur bath and regain strength and energy. Stress, overwork and advancing age lead to considerable disturbances in the oxygen balance and thus weaken the body's defences and powers of regeneration. In the spa you can give your body a self-healing impulse with the sulphur-calcium-magnesium-sodium-hydroyencarbonate water, your pain with wear and tear of the spine and diseases of the intervertebral discs, isalgia, muscle rheumatism, osteoporosis and gout can heal and relieve you, and thus improve your mobility.

Health from the earth

Healing springs belong to the oldest remedies of mankind.
Everywhere in the world it has been discovered that some springs have very special water bubbling out of them, which contains a multitude of healing substances. Man has taken advantage of these and cured many ailments in health resorts with these gifts of nature.

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